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B.R.A Sports operates in search of opportunities for international sports and educational experiences for Brazilian student-athletes. Our main objective is to provide possibilities for a different future for the members of the program through the alliance of a sports career and a high-level education. To achieve its objectives, B.R.A Sports meets the specific needs of each student-athlete by advising and preparing them individually. B.R.A also advises coaches, clubs and organizations seeking excellence in services, optimization of resources and available alternatives in the student-athlete preparatory scenarios.



Recruit, select and prepare student-athletes in order to recommend them for scholarships at academic institutions outside Brazil.


Monitor physical, technical, academic, and nutritional progress of student-athletes who rely on the assistance and guidance of partners and highly trained professionals


Offer consulting and advisory services throughout the documentation process with responsible sports leagues, embassies and educational institutions interested in our student-athletes.


Form teams and organize sports events as part of the development and preparation of the group that aims to receive scholarships to represent Brazilian sports internationally.


Preparation of youth student-athletes (U-11 and U-13) through English classes and soccer training as part of their development as international citizens;


Conduct social activities with charitable institutions in the region, always committed to the social development of our country.


The student-athlete has his/her first contact with the program through participation in tryouts and campaigns promoted by B.R.A Sports. Upon approval, they will then be invited to participate in the program and advised by our staff to begin the physical, educational, and technical preparation process. During the program, the member will be required to follow a training schedule related to the specific sport and lessons targeted to achieve language proficiency. All training sessions and classes are offered at our Training Center, city of Jundiaí, Sao Paulo.

B.R.A Sports offers full support for completion of registration process with educational institutions and sports leagues.

To participate in the program the student-athlete must be between 14 and 22 years old, undergo an assessment to present competitive sports level and be prepared for the English tests.

The B.R.A Sports holds periodic tryouts where participants will be initially assessed on their technical potential.

The number of entries is limited. To participate please contact us by
phone: +55 (11) 4216-4366, WhatsApp (11) 96079-8262 or
e-mail: [email protected].

More than Soccer, and English Classes

The B.R.A Sports Youth Program

The youth program provides sports and academic learning in a playful and intuitive way, in an environment conducive to pleasure and positive social interaction. In addition to the benefits and many factors that the collective sport brings, such as dealing with achievements and defeats, developing leadership skills, learning about diversity and getting the best out of group work, we seek to influence and encourage mutual respect, fair play, meritocracy and importance of studies in the lives of the winning athletes.

We take English language learning in the classroom into the field! Professionals with an international experience make the transition from the classroom to the field fun and in a short time, the language of instruction will not matter, as students will master the main terms and commands in both Portuguese and English.

The youth program may be the preparatory program for our sports exchange athletes, who seek to use their sports skills to help families finance their studies abroad, but can also serve as training center for disciplined athletes and who understand the importance of the academic side to a successful life. English is a tool for uniting sports and education with satisfaction and the atmosphere created is extremely positive.

The youth program does not aim to form only qualified sportsmen, but its main focus is to develop transforming citizens and the program is open to all interested profiles between 10 and 13 year olds.

The work of B.R.A Sports as a whole is focused on forming citizens and engaging in character formation through education and sport.




Academic development as the basis of the best training experience.

With our Coach Roger you will not repeat a training session! Focused on the ideal preparation for our student-athletes to be successful in all aspects of the sport, our technical commander believes in varying activities to motivate participants and especially in encouraging critical analysis in decision-making that makes the difference on and off the fields. Over 15 years of experience after graduation and specialization in sports training dedicated to our youth programs on a daily basis. Care and dedication far beyond the four lines.



The experience of both sides of the process in favor of our students.

Over 10 years working with sports exchange and the last 5 in the international educational area. One of our managers who experienced what our student-athletes live during the preparation and especially throughout the academic and sports training in the United States. He spends much of his time with our student-athletes sharing life experiences and helping them adapt to each step of the process. He went through a preparatory school in Massachusetts (High School) and later received his university degree in North Carolina.



Professional experience shared with our athletes.

His 14 years playing for S.C. Corinthians from the youth teams to the professional squad, allied to the titles of Brazilian champion 2005, 2008 and 2011, São Paulo State champion 2009, and dividing the game fields training and playing with world stars like Tevez, Mascherano, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo and Adriano, make the coexistence with our students a constant exchange of experiences and much learning.


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